Hot Tips To Get That Kiss

kiss-on-dateInitiating that first kiss can be very nerve-racking. We just never know how and when to do it right. It’s pretty hard to tell as to when is the right moment to kiss a girl. What makes it hard for me is the fact that I get so intimidated by the moment that I end up screwing it up.

That’s Why I Turned To The Tao Of Badass

I knew I had to stop. I needed help to gather the confidence to kiss a girl. I had to stop screwing up the moments where I could have gone for that first kiss.

The Tao Of Badass shows us simple ways to get that much awaited first kiss. And one way of getting that first kiss is to gather the confidence and just go for it. Again, confidence is the key. I shouldn’t really clam up. After all, she has agreed to go out with me so she must also be curious about me. That’s enough to give me the confidence to initiate that first kiss.

Another way to get that first kiss is to watch my date’s eyes. According to The Tao of Badass, a girl wants to be kissed if she glances at my eyes and my lips. That’s a great cue for us, guys, and I must say that it works.

I have also learned that I should, at the least, hold my date’s hand to establish the touch that can eventually lead to that perfect kiss at the end of the night. I call this the touch trick. So if I really want to get that kiss, I do the touch trick by holding her hand or putting my arm around her. Making these small touches can really set the right mood for that kiss.

But for me this next tip is the most important one. It’s a sure way to get that kiss for the night. The Tao of Badass recommends that we start with a kiss on the cheek. While we, guys, are desperate to get that kiss on the lips, the best place to start is on the cheek. Apparently, a kiss on the cheek can make the situation more relaxed.

Truth be told, no matter how much I try to be confident at that moment, I still end up nervous. To ease that nervousness, I plant a kiss on my date’s cheek. This goes a long way. In my experience, it’s my date that eventually ends up initiating the more passionate kiss. And all I have had to do is kiss on her on the cheek. So I must say that this has worked so well for me.

It Really Works For Me

Getting that first kiss from my date has been easier, thanks to The Tao Of Badass. But it does take practice. Mustering the confidence to get it right is the most challenging for me. So I always keep in my mind that she has agreed to go out with me. The mere fact that she is with me at that moment means that she is also hoping to get that kiss. Keeping that in mind, I become more confident in initiating that first kiss for the night.

With the help of The Tao Of Badass, I never have to end up screwing up the moment. It’s really the best way to get that kiss.


Avoid Doing These Three Things On The First Date

dating-tips-tao-of-badassThere are just too many do’s and don’ts of dating. Everybody has something to say about it . Even worse, everybody tries to be an expert on it. If I were just too gullible, I would have believed every single report or article I read.

But I pretty much seem to agree with this article. It tackles the three things that we should avoid doing on the first date. In my opinion it’s a timely article. The ebook The Tao of Badass by Pellicer agrees that so many people are too engrossed with what they should do on their first date that they come up with a long list and get all too confused.

These three things to avoid on the first date simplifies everything. Instead of memorizing and agonizing over a long list of what-to-do, it’s easier to know more about the three things to avoid on the first date.

Avoid Forgetting Your Manners

I’m not sure how some folks can forget their manners. I think manners are inherent, either you have them or you don’t. So I’m not really sure how some people can forget their manners. But nonetheless, showing that you have no manners can really turn off your date.

Based on Joshua Pellicer dating tips on The Tao of Badass, having good manners isn’t only effective and useful on the first date. Good manners are important for all kinds of interaction, business or personal.

It’s best to know about good manners. For example, cursing on the first date is a BIG turn off. Table manners are also very important. Chewing quietly can really speak well of you.

But most importantly, avoid talking about your past relationships. Talking about your past relationships on the first date is a BIG no-no. It’s pretty unfair to have a complete stranger listen to all your heartaches and sadness says Behavioral Ecology dating guru Megan X.

I truly believe that first dates should be fun and light, nothing serious and heavy.

It’s important to keep a distance first. There’s more than enough time to get to know each other. The lesser he knows about you, the better. He becomes curious about you. So save the heavy stuff for last. Have fun and enjoy night first.

Avoid Making Unfair Comparisons

Comparing your date to your ex is just totally unfair. Unfair for your ex and unfair for your date. A two-hour date cannot measure up to a long-term relationship. Seriously, making comparisons on the the first date is a total waste of time.

Avoid Breaking The Communication Line

I think most of us are pretty guilty of this. Somehow the communication line breaks down at the end of night. If both of you really want to see each other again, set a date. Ending the night with an I’ll-call-you line means so long, farewell forever. If the night went so well, don’t break the communication line with vague plans to see each other again. The bottom line is to be specific as to when you guys can meet up again.

Avoiding three things can really give you a head start in the dating game. In my opinion, it works both ways. Either you can avoid doing these three things to impress your date or you can do all the three things to get rid of your date. It really works both ways.


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